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40 days out of bmt

Well I am about 40 days out of bmt. Left the hospital at day 16. Tired, Tired,Tired.
 Since that time I had to go back once for an infection on my foot that came on over night and put me on crutches in 12 hours.  Docs got it controlled in one day and I walked out on my own two feet. I seem to get fevers in the evening but never go over 101. I have a rash that started on my face and has worked it way down my arms and chest and back.  They did a biopsy on Friday and while waiting on the results have put me on a strong steroid regiment, which has does wonders for my energy levels and eating.

I have started exercising on a leg machine, and walking whenever I can but in Arizona where the temps have been over 110 lately keeps me inside.  The gvh rash is very heat sensitive.  Yesterday I was taken to the mall were I was "walked". I noticed that all of the dogs were on leashes, Thankfully Helena left my leash at home but made me were my mask!

The day after my aml was diagnoses my girlfriend and I, of many many years, had a civil marriage in our back yard on a moments notice with two of our daughters and two of our grand kids. We both just never saw the need to get married,  Things Change......after being released from the hospital four months later Helena reminded me of my promise to have a real wedding, white dress and all, in our back yard.  So if any of you are in Tempe in October let me know, I'll get you and invite.

I am not very active on this blog, kind of a private person, but I read every post.  I communicate privately to some, but I feel like I am a part of all of your lives,  

Keep it up, look for the little goods things in life that make you happy and smile,


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Congratulations on your marriage, John! Don't get discouraged about all the symptoms that you have to deal with during the first six month after BMT, because it's pretty normal. Our bodies react differently to the transplant, but we all get hit with something since our immune system is very immature at that stage.

It's good that you are walking, especially when you are on steroids. My muscles were really affected when I was on steroids for four months. Try also to exercise your arms. I used 2 lbs weights while I walked. It really helped my upper body muscles not to deteriorate to a greater extent.

Have fun planning for your "real" wedding!

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